Innovationspreis Steiermark

The final - the best projects 2024

Numerous Styrian companies and institutions took their chance in the competition of the best and applied to us with excellent projects. Curtain up for the 18 top-rated innovations! The six winners were chosen by a panel of experts.

The Vienna Institute of Industrial Science assessed the submissions in a two-stage process. The assessment criteria included innovation content, entrepreneurial risk, overall economic effect, market opportunities as well as co-operation and qualification effects. We would like to sincerely thank all the entrants for their commitment, creativity and creativity – each of them makes a significant contribution to the success of Styria as a business location.

Sustainability category - micro and small enterprises

  • BRAVE Analytics GmbH
    BRAVE Analytics GmbH has developed a new, patent-protected measurement technology (OF2i) that makes it possible for the first time to understand and control the exact composition of products based on (nano)particles – directly in the production process using a live stream of measurement data. This enables fully automated 24/7 quality control of industrial production processes from life science products such as infusions, narcotics or vaccines to new insights in basic medical research and the detection of nano- and microplastics.
  • PJ Monitoring GmbH
    In rail transport, checking the brakes is elementary because it is a prescribed, safety-relevant and complex process. Each individual brake on a freight wagon must be checked every 24 hours (even when goods trains are stationary) or every time a new train is formed. Like almost all processes, the process is carried out manually. The “Automatic Brake Test” is a system with which the inspection of freight wagon brakes is fully automated for the first time. The system is unique worldwide, approved by the authorities, patented and extensively tested in SBB Cargo operations.
  • EBA busfinder GmbH
    busfinder has set itself the goal of digitising the calculation of individual offers and the marketing of vehicles for coach tour operators in rental transport as well as the booking of travel services. This enables customers to enjoy a fast, transparent and convenient quotation and booking process. On the platform, coaches can call up coach partners for individual journeys with specific service descriptions in real time. Clubs, school classes or even companies receive comparative offers at the touch of a button on the portal. The biggest advantage is that the tedious process of obtaining comparative offers is no longer necessary; the entire process takes place online on the platform.

Digitisation category: Medium-sized and large companies

  • MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co KG
    The patented “Indirect Automated Body in White Fixture Control” project involves the successful development and integration of a fully functional cyber-physical testing system into the series production process for complete vehicle manufacturing at Magna in Graz. Through the digital networking of software and hardware components, the intelligent use of existing product measurement data using big data algorithms and system automation, an essential process step in car body construction was revolutionised from the ground up.
  • Capito – CFS GmbH
    The professionals for plain language and accessibility: Capito translates information into easy-to-understand language, offers training courses and develops digital solutions for all aspects of comprehensibility.
  • K-Businesscom AG
    SiMed enables hospital and nursing staff to visually check the contents of medication dispensers using a camera system and an innovative AI algorithm before they are handed over to patients. This closed-loop approach is intended to help avoid mix-ups during drug therapy and support an optimal healing process.

Digitisation category: R&D institutions

  • Graz University of Technology, Institute of Automotive Engineering
    System optimisation method for the design of electric vehicle drives: Electric vehicle drives are designed using artificial intelligence optimisation methods and digital twins in order to make the best possible use of competing objectives such as energy efficiency and costs. This leads to improved product properties at reduced costs and significantly shorter development times.
  • Know-Center GmbH
    In this project, an optimisation methodology was developed for multi-stage process chains in industrial production. The methodology aims to select the control variables of the individual process steps in such a way that the process result (e.g. a workpiece) meets the tolerance requirements despite certain process uncertainties (measurement errors, control variable variances, etc.).
  • Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH
    Different communication interfaces and complex message standards are used in transport communication, i.e. Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). With the vehicleCAPTAIN toolbox, Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH has developed a compact, modular and flexible platform to minimise the initial development effort for young R&D institutions and start-ups.

Sustainability category: Micro and small enterprises

  • Enzyan Biocatalysis GmbH
    Enzyan Biocatalysis GmbH utilises the compatibility of biocatalysts – i.e. enzymes – to efficiently produce a natural active ingredient that can be used to treat depression. To do this, it was necessary to select from thousands of enzymes those that can cause an artificial metabolism based on a readily available starting substance in order to form the desired active ingredient molecule.
  • TOWERN3000 Project & Media Agency GmbH
    CEPA technology is like an underfloor heating system that is installed on the outer wall of a building during renovation or new construction, while the residents can remain in their flats. The existing outer wall of the building now takes on the function of a huge energy store and is used to heat and cool the flats behind it.
  • Hydro Impulse Systems GmbH
    The Hydro Impulse is a highly efficient propeller replacement for boats and ships that reduces energy requirements (for both combustion engines and electric motors) by up to 20 %, increases the range by up to 30 % and drastically increases protection against injuries caused by enclosed moving parts. With the Hydro Impulse Sterndrive, the company presents the first truly new development of a sterndrive in 30 years, offering longer maintenance intervals while reducing noise emissions and vibrations to protect underwater life.

Sustainability category: Medium-sized and large companies

  • AXIS Flight Training Systems GmbH
    AXIS develops the innovative roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) simulator, a highly flexible next-generation full-flight simulator that enables training for different aircraft types for the first time in the world by means of interchangeable cockpits. Thanks to the unique RoRo technology, different cockpits can be used seamlessly in the same simulator base structure (mothership).
  • AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG
    Together with its customer Semikron Danfoss, AT&S has developed extremely efficient and space-saving power modules for inverters that contribute to a significant increase in battery life in electric cars or make the operation of green power plants more profitable. The compact components allow a reduction in the weight and space requirements of the power electronics and at the same time less energy is lost in the form of waste heat, even at high voltages.
  • Kiubo GmbH
    Kiubo is a completely new way of living and building. It is a modular and sustainable building system that is completely flexible. Kiubo makes it possible to build homes that adapt to life and can be enlarged, downsized or relocated as required.

Sustainability category: R&D institutions

  • W.E.I.Z. Research & Development GmbH
    The aim of the COMET project “CARpenTiER” is the development of production technologies for wood-based hybrid constructions in automotive, plant and mechanical engineering. Based on a component (example unit), which includes as many criteria and requirements (functions) as possible of a typical construction component from the automotive industry, a process control system is being developed.
  • Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib)
    As part of the project, acib researchers in Graz are conducting research into alternative meat products such as cultured meat and plant-based meat substitutes. Produced using biotechnological methods, these products have animal-ethical and sustainable advantages: Alternative meat products require 95% less space compared to traditional animal husbandry, have a tenfold CO2 saving and avoid animal suffering.
  • HyCentA Research GmbH
    In the project, a measuring device was developed for impedance spectroscopy on electrolysis stacks, which until now could not be carried out at high electrical connected loads. The measurement results are essential for advancing the development of various electrolysis technologies for sustainable hydrogen production, analysing degradation mechanisms and identifying state-of-health parameters in order to accelerate the energy transition.

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