Fire up the Styrian economy together with us.

Nice to meet you in person. It’s us, the SFG. People who roll up their sleeves every day. And like to work up a sweat for you and your company. We act on behalf of Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Minister for Economic Affairs. And the bar is set high. Because we want to create real meaning for you and achieve added value that you can feel and measure. The Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung (SFG), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Province of Styria, positions itself as an initiator, supporter and promoter of the more than 60,000 companies in the province. The portfolio of activities includes promotion campaigns focusing on business start-ups, innovation, growth and further education as well as various financing programs with a focus on SMEs increasing entrepreneurial equity. Other tasks include location and theme development, company settlements and networking between business and science. In addition to monetary resources, we provide expertise and coaching for our clients. Styria has 25 of Austria’s 42 competence centers and one of the highest R&D ratios in Europe. In addition, the Styrian cluster and network strategy is considered an international brand of success.

Portrait Barbara Eibinger-Miedl

The Economic Department of the Province of Styria

We want to be useful. Dynamic and courageous, and comprehensible to you in our actions. Because we administer public funds, our work is characterised by great care. We want to radiate joy and infect you with our curiosity. We come from the future, because we have been thinking about the day after tomorrow since the day before yesterday. We are tackling today, for the business location and for all small and large companies in the country.

For this we need you, your input and your story. Pick up the phone, write to us, talk to us at the next event! Together we make business, society and the future. We can’t think of anything more exciting, more grandiose. You?