The added value of financing

What are the concrete benefits of SFG as an investment provider? Read here the facts and advantages of the financing actions Stille Beteiligung and Beteiligungsoffensive KMU.
  • You receive additional economic equity that improves your rating.
  • No operational collateral is required for financing. This opens up a new scope for credit.
  • The share ratios in your company do not change.
  • Repayment is made according to an individual repayment schedule.
  • SFG, as an investment provider, is a supporting partner and, with its network, brings far more advantages than just financial ones: You receive support …
  • with the financing of the project and the search for further financing partners,
  • with business management and strategic issues
  • in the preparation of the business plan and
  • through access to our network of potential customers, suppliers and cooperation partners.

These selected companies derive added value from SFG holdings