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Invest in Styria! 

Styria is an innovation and knowledge location. In order to further build on this position, the Investors Service Department was established in the SFG. The objective is to bring headquarters and centres of competence (technology and R&D centres from international corporations) to Styria. In addition, the team deals with company and R&D headquarters which are already based in Styria and supports existing companies in the developing headquarters or centres of competence. Company set-ups in the industrial and commercial environment are supported through the following portfolio of services:

  • Investment project support and consulting
    Companies wanting to expand their operations into Styria or relocate here, have a competent partner on side with SFG. The team supports them every step of the way, free-of-charge.

  • Information support on the Styrian economy
    As a company owned by the state of Styria, the SFG simplifies administrative procedures and acts as a contact broker to municipality, state, federal and EU agencies, as well as to networks, clusters, cooperation partners and research facilities.

  • Analysis of potential sites
    On request, the SFG will perform site analyses to identify potential properties which meet the requirements and help with the selection process.

    SFG has developed together with the City of Graz one of the most modern real estate data bases. At companies can get a quick overview about available green field sites as well as existing factory buildings or office space. With the GIS-button each object is linked with the Geografic Information System, where different maps, air pictures, land use plans etc. are available. With an easy to handle basket system you can choose objects and request for more data. These requests are answered as quick as possible.

  • Advice about support
    As a support agency, the SFG allocates approx. 70 million Euros of state, federal and EU funds every year. The SFG team is happy to help you select the right support and financing programme.

  • Fact finding missions
    SFG supports the contact brokerage to cluster organizations, networks and research institutes, searches for relevant cooperation partners in the field of science and research, and coordinates site visits at companies that belong to a target group.

  • Technology, business and research partner search
    As regional branch of the Enterprise Europe Network the SFG is your gateway to cooperation with Styrian companies and research institutes. Just let us know what kind of partner you are looking for, be it for a joint research project, technology transfer or a business cooperation. We will put you in touch! Simply contact