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Economic Strategy: Growth through innovation

The events of recent years have shown quite clearly that no state, no region is an island of its own. Quite on the contrary – through intense economic and financial ties we are intertwined with each other on a worldwide basis. What does this mean for Styria and its economic policy? As with many other regional authorities, we have to face current challenges by making do with limited financial resources. Against this backdrop Styria aims to become a province which sets a European example through its intelligent transition to a knowledge-based production and service society. To do this it is essential that the theme of innovation remains a central focus in economic strategy, to reach the state of "standardised innovation". Only through innovation can competiveness continue and growth be enabled. “Growth through innovation” is thus the guiding principle of the new Economic Strategy for Styria 2025. At the core of this strategy is the concept of “smart regional specialisation”.

The economic policy of the future will focus specifically on 3 main themes:


The focus will be on the following 5 key strategies:

  • business location development and business location management
  • supporting innovation and R&D
  • entrepreneurship & growth in young companies
  • qualification & human potential
  • internationalisation of companies and business locations

As the operational branch of Styria’s Department of Economics, the Styrian business promotion agency Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung SFG focuses its activities on these guidelines. Within this framework we see ourselves as a modern service provider, with the task of contributing to the economic growth of companies and regions in our province. This is carried out by means of awareness raising, development, promotion and financing through all the core strategies and key issues. We offer our clients comprehensive consulting support, financing packages and provide information along with contacts and cooperation opportunities in this context.

Economic Strategy Styria 2025