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28. März 2018

Scale Eup² Program

Start-up an Acceleration Program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework

EUp² is an Acceleration Program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework, committed to help Deep Tech startup accelerate their development and scale up at European level.

The Scale EUp² is led by 4 innovation hubs from Germany, France, Austria and Spain, working together to identify high potential Deep Tech startups.

The following Deep Tech Startups can be promoted by the program:

  • Smart City (Smart Building – Smart Home – Energy monitoring and saving – Smart metering – Smart grids – Air and Water quality monitoring – Waste Management – Security and monitoring – Transport infrastructures and networks – Parking – Traffic management)
  • Smart Mobility (Autonomous vehicle [Sensors – Data processing/analysis – Obstacle detection and recognition – AI] – Connected vehicle [V2X – Telematics – ADAS – Natural interaction and interfaces – Intelligent/cooperative transportation systems] – Shared mobility)
  • Industry 4.0 (Digital/connected factory – Digital Twin Conception – Design and simulation of new materials – Advanced materials – Surface engineering – 3D printing/additive manufacturing – Quality control: on-line monitoring, non-destructive testing – Robotics, cobotics – Predictive maintenance)
  • Health & Well-being (Personalized healthcare/medical care – Medtech – Biotech treatments – non-invasive diagnosis – Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled or elderly – Smart Agriculture – Food processing – Personalized Nutrition)

The program provides workshops, exclusive pitching sessions, networking and b2b Meetings!


Want to aply?

For further Information please contact:

Mag. Veneta Buchegger
Project Management