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The SFG is a service provider, which aims to contribute to the consolidation and growth of the Styrian economy. The agency is wholly owned by the province of Styria in Austria. The SFG is responsible for attracting new business to the region in an effort to encourage industrial expansion. We offer companies a broad range of services free of charge, such as general information, advice on grants and financing and location consultancy/location analysis. We help with forging links to Styrian technology and centres of excellence as well as to networks and clusters.
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There is no better place than Styria for innovative companies in search of the best location. No other region of Austria can compete with the number of innovative products and services Styria brings to the market. With a research and development rate higher than 4 %, Styria has long exceeded the goal set by the European Union for this field for 2010. This is thanks to Styria's excellent research and education facilities, well-organised networks and clusters and, last but not least, outstanding people, who display a thirst for knowledge, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.